Learn What Makes Us Different

A Chance for Change Foundation is a nonprofit community lender dedicated to helping entrepreneurs generate income, build assets, create jobs and achieve financial success through business ownership.


Our approach sets us apart: We work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs to overcome every obstacle standing between them and their dream of owning a thriving business.

Transformational, Not Transactional

A Chance for Change Foundation’s relationships goes far beyond disbursement and repayment. We offer repayment terms right for each business and personalized service from leading experts. Every company we serve supports about 4.6 jobs, and in 2030, our clients will contribute over $250 million in wages to the local economy. We are helping our clients to create and maintain over 10,000 jobs.

Customized Solutions For Every Entrepreneur

Every client at A Chance for Change Foundation has a different background, experience and skills. Many needs help to establish their business before qualifying for a bank loan. All need a partner who believes in them. A Chance for Change Foundation allows every client to turn their ambition into opportunity.

Local Connections and Knowledge

A Chance for Change Foundation understands the small business landscape in every community we serve and connect our clients to our network of bank partners, fellow mission-based lenders, local businesses, nonprofits and government agencies to help them succeed

Continuous Innovation

The small business lending landscape is changing fast, and A Chance for Change Foundation brings the latest solutions to entrepreneurs. We measure our success by the small businesses we serve and evaluate our efforts through research and evaluation.