For Start-Up/Existing Entrepreneurs

Small businesses need the right guidance and assistance to achieve long-term success. Thus, A Chance for Change Foundation was created with the mission of raising businesses by working with communities to build their capacity to generate income, build assets, and create jobs, with the target of ending poverty.

A Chance for Change Foundation was formed after a pilot project in 2017 in Lusaka and Eastern provinces to assist more than 1000 entrepreneurs to access affordable financial products for entrepreneurship projects. A key lesson of this pilot, as well as a lesson from other initiatives in this area, was the necessity to provide not only technical assistance but also adapted financial products and access to market opportunities to enable viable and sustainable entrepreneurship projects among the Zambians.

A Chance for Change Foundation understands that starting and maintaining a successful small business isn’t easy. Aspiring business owners face countless challenges especially within rural and historically underserved Zambian communities. Therefore, the foundation can provide the following services to Zambian entrepreneurs:


One on one assistance in business development for start-ups and existing businesses

  • Registration of firm

  • Market analysis and Business plan formation

  • Financial analysis

  • Business-related legal services


  • Funding Opportunities

  • Technical Assistance in preparing the loan application package

  • Assisting Zambian entrepreneurs in relevant financial institutions


  • Creating networking linkages between entrepreneurs from the same sector

  • Creating international business networking linkages

  • Connecting Zambian entrepreneurs with relevant financial, non-financial institutions

  • Connecting entrepreneurs to investors for funding.