Community development courses in Zambia

Community Development Programs In Zambia

The Community Development Program (CDP) is our employment and community development service. CDP supports job seekers in communities to build skills, address barriers and contribute to their communities through a range of flexible activities which are aimed at improving communities’ standard of living through strategic training, financial support, facilities development and equipment selection. A Chance for Change Foundation provides Community development courses in Zambia.

The organization either personally, or through collaborative strategic partners continues to implement various community programs that are relevant to help improve and expand the income of the poor and low income so that they can be self-reliant and strive to free themselves from poverty and dependency on aid-welfare assistance. Among the projects undertaken is to involve these people in the small-scale economy by providing the business model or seed money (such as financial, material, etc.) as well as skills training and entrepreneurship. Through this program, the Organization is planning to operate the Single Parent Empowerment Program and Program Overcoming Poverty Through Farming Enterprises.

Community Grants Program

In Zambia

A Chance for Change Foundation is pleased to launch Community Grants Program for marginalized communities across the country.

The fund is focused on social enterprises/co-operatives supporting people facing increased social and economic challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Applicants do not need to address their requests to a specific fund. The Distribution Committee will decide which fund can appropriately support a request.


The foundation’s mission of raising businesses by working with communities to build their capacity to generate income, acquire assets and create jobs thereby contributing to ending poverty stands as the benchmark of the Community Grants Program seeks to raise and empower 200 enterprises/co-operatives from all the ten provinces of Zambia which will act as our link to supporting the communities.


Grant Priorities

Many types of projects may be considered for Community Grants. The Foundation typically looks for several of the following key elements in applications:

  • Reach the most marginalised communities and promote inclusion: They will prioritize social enterprises which are:

    • working with the most marginalised communities in Zambia

    • led by and/or working with disabled people in communities

    • led by people with direct lived experience of the issues they are seeking to support

  • Support social enterprises to recover: They will prioritize social enterprises that are normally substantially reliant on income from trading

    • have a clear plan for growing or returning to substantial income from trading

    • will benefit from both the grant and the business support on offer

  • Support communities to recover: They will prioritize social enterprises that can demonstrate that they are working with communities that are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and are supporting those communities to recover.


Funding Information

  • Grants may be in any amount up to K105, 000.00.

  • Requests in excess of K50, 000.00 are considered Impact Grants and will be additionally evaluated as follows:

    • The request must be specific

    • An innovative, new concept or process

    • Meets a need not fully met by existing programs

    • Affects an underserved population

    • Impacts a growing need in the community

    • Is not a replacement of existing capital equipment

    • Has sufficient data or statistics to verify the request

  • Impact Grant requests may require a site visit or presentation to the committee.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Community Grants are awarded to community co-operatives through the Community Impact Fund.

  • Community co-operatives should comprise a minimum of 30 active members and a maximum of 40 active members.

  • Unregistered co-operatives can apply to the grant but must produce a registration certificate when the proposal is approved.

  • You must open a bank account with only Indo Zambia Bank in the name of the co-operative. In other words, your bank account should be a business account bearing the name of your registered co-operative.

  • Co-operatives must serve residents of their community and surrounding areas.

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